Looking Outward “The good deed machine”, “Compass”, ” String fountain”(Dexter Serrao)

Good Deed Machine

The good deed machine was a machine created with the purpose of inspiring people to do good deeds. When activated, the machine gives the user a good deed that they are supposed to do, all the while the machine has moving parts and a counter to keep track of the amount of users. I liked how they took an interesting approach to inspiring people to do good deeds, I find it much more impactful than a flier, handout or some sort of street performance. Given the limitations of their counter, it can only track up to 9999 uses, I think it would be better if it had a larger limit. I think a limit of 9999 is quite low for a busy place like New York City. I found the amount of mechanical work that was done to make this possible mind blowing, I think they did a great job with that.


Compass is a piece of wearable tech that acts as a compass. From the images it would appear that the fabric will attempt to point at the north direction. I thought that the idea behind a wearable compass was very smart but I found this implication of it to seem very confusing. You would have to continue to spin around until you are facing north, it would be better if you could always see where north is without the need to be facing it. I also think the wires and magnets don’t need to be visible, he could have probably easily enclosed those in the fabric as well.

String Fountain

String Fountain by Paolo Salvagione

This is probably the most interesting art project that I have seen. The concept of using strings in motion to create a waving effect mimicking that of water is very impressive. The way that he took something that no one would think of and made it into an art sculpture is very inspirational, being able to look at everyday objects and see other uses for them in an artistic perspective is something that I really admire. If I were to change anything about this, it would be to have more sculptures like this; in his demonstration video you can see what other types of figures can be made and I think it would be interesting to see even more.


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