Looking Outwards – (Bryce Wiseman)


This project is a light fixture with petals that extend from a sort of backbone and move up and down in response to human interaction.  This interests me a lot because not only do I like playing around with and trying to come up with projects that light up, but my final project in Prototyping Basics revolved around using nitinol, which is the key component in this project as well.  They did a very good job with this and received a lot more success in using nitinol than I did.  I think to develop this farther they could try different colors, being able to set different modes on it, or trying for bigger light petals extending from the metal spine. I think that the inspiration for this project was based in recreating nature.


This project allows the user to experiment with and learn more about sounds and sound waves.  I find this project very interesting because I play piano and this is based around a keyboard.  Not only that, but this machine allows you to visually see how different sounds look and what makes certain sounds sound that way. If they could find a way for you to draw your own waveform blocks so you could play around with it more I think that would be cool.  The inspiration for this appears to be from musicians or just those curious about sound to be able to see what makes them sound that way as well as helping to teach children these facts.


This project is an experience in which the user creates a self portrait based on sword swings.  This project is really cool to me because I am a big Game of Thrones fan, I appreciate just the art of swordplay and it fascinates me, and they manage to combine this with art in an experience that is unique for each person.  I think they could make the end result a short video of the user and that would be super cool, or just just incorporating different elements of random color to add a pop to it.  The inspiration for this was based on one character’s journey in Game of Thrones and wanted to make a fun experience involving swords, which I think they accomplished.




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