Looking Outwards-“Doom Room”, “Lift”, “Audi LED Cubes”(Janosch Spohner)

Doom Room

The Doom Room is a VR experience where you experience death and other crazy situations that you would most likely not every experience. Using VR headgear and a 360 degree video the viewer is completely immersed into this “Doom Room”. I thought it was interesting how they used elements like actual dead animals, being immersed into water and making them drink unknown substances to increase the immersion into this Virtual Reality. I think that this project will be a hit and that a lot of people will want to experience the extreme situations that the simulation puts you in.



Lift is basically just a really cool looking interactive light fixture. It uses some sensors to read how people are moving through the room and special wire. This special wire shrinks when it is heated, this is what moves the individual petals and since motors aren’t used the petals move completely silently. Lift looks really aesthetically pleasing and the fact it moves silently based off of your movements makes it very interesting to see. I really don’t think that it could have been more effective, besides maybe if there were more petals. The shrinking of the wire opens up many other possibilities for technology that requires silent movement as for stealth purposes or to not annoy the user.


Audi LED Cubes

KOLLISION: 20.05.2015 AUDI LED CUBES, image: 11

Audi has recently put 4 cases of LED matrices in front of their Berlin Store in order to draw attention to their brand. The LED matrix can display shapes and letters in 3D allowing for some cool perspectives. These boxes in front of the store definitely stick out and look absolutely amazing, this makes me want to do more work with LED’s. I think that they should have made the matrices about the same size but with a higher LED density so that they could show more detail and maybe display their cars in the cases. The thing reminds me of Zane’s Scatter Field but instead of using ping pong balls uses some sort of glass cubes. These must have been inspired by those glass cubes with etchings inside that can show objects in 3D.

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