Looking Outwards – Forest Friends, Be A Bee, Light Well (Witt Teem)


Light Well, located in Lahti, Finland, is a glass structure, which resembles still, undisturbed water until a user steps on it. Through a cleverly hidden camera system, disguised as the water pail, when Light Well is stepped on, the camera tracks the movements of  the user and creates ripples on the surface. I love any project that includes lights and touch interactivity, and this is one of my favorites that I have seen so far. I also like how this was a project for the public to use, an inspiration to others. This idea, while being complex from a technical standpoint, is pretty simplistic from a conceptual level.That seems to be the philosophy  of the team behind this project, simplistic elegance. That is why I am torn about my critique of this project. While my biggest criticism was that I think they should expand on the functions of Light Well, I think part of what makes this project so great is its simplicity.


Be A Bee is an interactive experience that is located at MNE Galamé Park in Loon-Plage as a permanent exhibition. It allows the user to experience the lifestyle of a worker bee while also educating them on the intricate system that is a bee hive. What inspired me about this project was the striking visual style of the project and that this integrates Arduino as a controller. It is just cool to see hardware that we are using in the classroom integrated into such a large scale project. As far as critique, I really like the design of this project. It is striking and attractive, with a streamlined black case and a “playful” LED powered button selector. I would definitely be drawn to it and would jump at the chance to play with it. I do wonder though, with the newly emerging technologies of  high quality VR, why that wasn’t integrated. I am unsure if this was considered or not for this project, but I feel that would greatly enhance the immersion of the experience.


Forest Friends is an interactive experience aimed at helping young children who are struggling with Cancer. It is essentially a large touch sensitive screen that is meant to bring comfort to the patients as they go through treatment. The team took their experience building interactive experiences for museums and brought it to thee healthcare industry. I am inspired by  this project personally because I have a background and experience working with young children and hope to use the knowledge I gain through Creative Tech to provide service to them specifically. As far as critique, the main question I asked was why this had to be on such a large scale. While it looks very cool and its design makes it attractive, could the software not be integrated into a tablet?


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