LookingOutwards-XYZ (Graham Widmann)

Arduino R/C Lawnmower


The goal of this project was to make a RC lawnmower using an Arduino and a R/C transmitter to communicate with the lawnmower parts. By using a few wheelchair motors, the designer was able to make the R/C transmitter control all the motors to do what he wanted. I like this project a lot because at home I mow the lawn a lot and having robot do it for me sounds like a lot of fun and much easier than actually getting out there to mow it. I think they did a lot of things right in that they tested each part before implementing it into the design and they were able to make everything move properly and functionally without compromising the main functionality of the lawnmower. He did exactly what he set out to do and did not get too distracted on the way. He could have made it more extravagant and programmed more features, just some basic ones, into the codes. He could have been more efficient if he thought out the PCB board all the way as this costs time and money but this is also easy to mess up.  His inspiration for the project was the boredom from regular toy cars and his wife asking him for a practical use for the R/C car, which I think he found. He was also repairing the lawnmower so, he found a use for both. This project is most comparable to other RC car projects in rigging them to operate with parts they were not originally used for. Other projects have been done like this but he seems to have perfected it to a sense.




This machine was created to respond to good deeds done by people in the community. A company called Bombas wanted a unique sculpture that reacts to good deeds done by people. It was held in a Gap window and allowed people to put their hand on the glass and receive a good deed to be done during the holiday. I enjoyed reading about the projects because it is something like what I would like to make in that it creates good vibes for people in their everyday and is able to inspire people to do good in a time of happiness. This could help spread the cheer of the holidays and I think it is overall a great idea. From what I can tell the project was carried out very efficiently because they made the timeline set for them and made it by the holiday. Meaning it got through design, production and polishing stages of production. They may have had a few hiccups but the project looks great and is doing what they set out for it to do. The project overall looks great and works fabulously helping people do good deeds. The inspiration for this projects seems to be the need for good deeds in the world where there can never be enough good deeds and people doing them. The idea of the projects is great and beneficial. The internals seem to have a lot to do with color, heat, and gear workings to keep the counter going. The colorful appeal seems to be an aesthetic choice to draw people to the window. This is a very original project. It seems to only have a certain niche use and is very effective at it because it is unique in that aspect.




The Smart Cane is a cane to help bling people walk in an everyday environment without the worry of running into something or having to tap it with a cane beforehand. This cane was made on a tight budget but it still very effective and useful for those who cannot see well or at all. This project is very interesting to me because I would one day like to help people with disabilities accomplish everyday goals that they may have a hard time with. Something that definitely could be improved upon is the design of the box and how bulky it looks. It looks very uncomfortable to hold and use because of how heavy it seems and how awkward the box seems. Also the aesthetics could be improved upon. It is not very appealing in its current state. He did do all the programming efficiently it seems, although I am not the best at it, yet.  He did make this cane for a very cheap price which is a huge deal and is very good on his part. For what he did use, the parts and minimal but still work for what he is trying to accomplish. If the parts were smaller it would definitely make this product a lot better. His inspiration for the project came from helping a man get across a busy street while in college. He uses a lot of simple Arduino knowledge but uses it to accomplish very simple task but to further make a greater outcome. He uses a simple Arduino and a ultrasonic sensor and vibrator to enable his project.


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