Looking Outwards – Timely, Light Sensitive Stereo, Tactum (Ryan Sepe)

So the three projects I picked were Timely, Light Sensitive Stereo, and Tactum. Timely is a physical representation of a calendar that works off of google calendar.  It uses the API to map out a visual representation of how the week looks by adjusting the tension of strings to show how tens or stressful that day might be based on how much is scheduled for that day. Honestly, I am not sure if any more functionality could be added to it the way they have it now. It definitely needs to be more fledged out but its in its development stages so that is understandable. I think they got it just right with there idea. I find the project in its entirety interesting as it could give a brand new definition to a calendar that you cannot get from just looking at a bunch of stuff written on a piece of paper with days on it. It could better help people see there week spread out for them so they can better prepare themselves for that coming week. The Light Sensitive Stereo is an Arduino, acrylic, and two speakers that have light sensors to them that choose a song to play from a selection of songs based on the amount of light in a room. It has three modes, low light, medium light, and a lot of light. A new track would only be triggered when the light in the room changed between the three modes. It is in its early development stages so its hard to say what needs to be improved as all of it needs to be more fledged out. There is not much more functionality that could be added on to this project. It would be neat if the acrylic also changed color based on the light along with the track being played however, that would interfere with the sensor. I find it really interesting that there is someone making a stereo that plays music based on the amount of light. This relates to one of my projects I have done where I have acrylic pillars that has an animation it normally displays. However, it has a microphone that detects sound and the lights colors and speed of the animation change based on the tempo of music being registered from the mic. Tactum is a program that allows for augmented modeling for 3d printed wearables directly onto the body. It uses depth sensing and projection mapping to detect and display touch gestures on the skin. This program allows you to shape something g specifically to your arm that is ready to be printed no matter what you do. I do not think any improvements need to be made to this, if there are then I can not think of them. One functionality that could be added is expanding it to different parts of the body and not just the arm. This is an amazing program that could revolutionize how me design things for 3d printing, especially if it expands past just the arm. This program could eventually go past just designing wearable items and be used to design anything that we want to 3d print in 3d space in front of us that adapts to what we introduce to the space being used. The possibilities of this technology are endless.






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