LookingOutwards-Form Art & Sensecell & Triggertrap (Alexandra E. Morton)

FormArt.pngForm Art is simply the use old fashioned HTML page elements in monochrome to create interesting, layered, and semi-interactive works of art. Though a bit out of date, I found this art to still be enjoyable (if confusing) and inspiring to view and interact with. I believe it would be interesting to make a piece of form art using more up-to-date HTML and formatting script.

Sensacell is a sq. ft. mountable panel that is composed of a module chassis with 16 RGB LEDs and 16 proximity sensors that can be covered with a choice of surface materials, with an imbedded programmable effects engine called SensaSynth-2. The panel displays moving colored light that can be effected by moving your hand close to its surface — the color, movement, timing, and interaction effects of which can be determined by using your PC and the SensaSynth software to either a pick one of the preset patterns, or to create your own personalized pattern. I find it neat that the simple idea of moving lights was used to create used to create a simple, but complex piece of decoration that can be used in a variety of ways (walls, floors, tables, framed like a piece of art, etc.). I do believe it would be convenient and interesting if they had made a smaller version of the Sensecell panel – something for more small-scale decoration (such as a mouse pad, decorating a phone case, pencil-holder, etc.).

The Triggertrap Mobile Kit allows you to connect your smartphone to your digital camera to more dynamically control how you take pictures. You can manually manipulate your camera from a distance using your phone, or use the phone to preset a trigger (a certain door opening, a sound, a certain distance being covered, etc.) to signal the camera to take a (series of) picture(s). Furthermore, it’s all open source, and the website allows you to access the source code and schematics so that you can try your hand at building your own, instead of just buying the kit, if you’d like. I find it interesting and inspiring how diverse and flexible the interactions with your camera can become, simply due to a little kit.


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  1. The Sensacell is pretty cool. Nice find. The others are a bit borderline in terms of “physical” computing – for this course, we’re especially interesting in forms of physical interaction back and forth with a human being or with physical, non-technological objects in the world.


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