Prototyping & Electronics – Tyler Tilton

This week in lab, we explored basic electronics and prototyping using breadboards, LEDs, resistors, etc.

The first thing we worked on was using foam-core to create different types of joints and folds. This will be useful later for use during projects and during general prototyping.

The next lab involved soldering and basic circuit setup and measuring with a multimeter.

The first part involved soldering two power jacks onto a 9v battery connector and a two header pins respectively.

When I solder, typically what I do is put a bead of solder onto each component and then hold the components together and heat them back up simultaneously. This seems to work pretty well and its a relatively simple technique


The next part of the lab was to put different circuits together and measure the voltages and currents of different components. Unfortunately my phone (which I foolishly thought was backing up correctly) with all my pictures and information on this part was reset, leaving me with nothing tangible to show…. Check your backups kids!

In the lab this week, we worked on Arduino basics. We wired up a simple Arduino circuit and I was able to make the LEDs blink in series using this code:

void setup() {
 for(int i = 8; i <= 12; i++){
 pinMode(i, OUTPUT);

void blink (const byte which) {
 digitalWrite(which, HIGH);
 digitalWrite(which, LOW);

void loop() {
 for (int i = 8; i <= 12; i++){
 blink (i);

Here’s what it looked like

(My green LED wasn’t pushed in all the way)
I also worked on building a circuit for my light sculpture project in Fritzing. It isn’t complete yet because I haven’t measured voltages or currents yet.
Light Sculpture_schem.png
Overall it was an interesting few labs, a lot of stuff I’ve done before, but a refresher never hurts!

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