Weekly Journal 1 (Janosch Spohner)

Jan. 11

Spencer and I soldered together a basic battery power source for a breadboard. You connect a battery on the right side and then plug the two pins on the left into the breadboard. The pin with the red wire goes into the positive side and the pin with the black wire goes to ground. Soldering was pretty difficult with the soldering irons we used. The solder would not stay on the soldering irons and just kept sliding off the iron. The way we got around this was by holing the soldering iron under the two spots we wanted to solder and then holding the solder over the top of the iron.



Jan. 18

By following the given schematic Spencer and I built a circuit with 5 LED’s and a button. The circuit requires an Arduino, a breadboard, various lengths of wires, 5 LED’s, 5 Resistors (220 Ω), 1 obnoxiously large blue button,  and one Resistor (10K Ω).


We even got the LED’s to light up by using a pre-made sketch on the Arduino software.



1 Comment

  1. I fixed the soldering irons to some degree by lightly filing and sanding the shiny coating that was covering the tips of the irons. That now made the solder melt onto the tips as it should, hopefully better than before.


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