Weekly Journal 1 (Bryce Wiseman)

This week in Physical Computing we built a circuit that lights up 5 LEDs.  My partner, Witt, and I worked together and built the circuit based on the diagram online.  We ended up with the setup pictured below which had the red LED lighting up when we pushed down the button. We also had to make a separate power source using a DC plug.  For this we had to solder 2 wires to the end of the plug and fix the soldering by the head of the plug. (We lucked out in getting one somewhat completed, but the soldering had to be fixed because the 2 wires were connected by solder in one spot.)


After completing this task, Witt and I moved on to the next circuit involving 5 LEDs. We tried to do it quickly before everything was explained and made a mistake somewhere along the way.  This led to us having to take it all apart and start from scratch.  After doing this though, we had a much better layout and it then became rather easy to build this circuit.  Witt and I freaked out for a second that we had built everything right and our LEDs still weren’t lighting up, until we were told that the LED’s light would be coming from the Arduino. After that we got on and used an example to get the LEDs to light up.  After briefly relishing in our victory, we then pulled up another example and played around with it until we got it to work our board.  This program allowed the LEDs to turn off in order of the line they were in.    (2 pictures of this shown below)




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