Weekly Journal 1 (Patrick Groh)

The tasks for this week of soldering the power connector and battery supply and connecting the 5 LEDs up to make them light up with a button seemed straightforward to me. I reached some problems not understanding what parts of the power connector to solder to which, leaving the female end  and the male end on the wrong part, so that I couldnt power the Arduino with a 9V battery because it had the female end on it. This was easily fixable by just de-soldering the two ends and swapping them, although it was a little frustrating to say the least. The LED lights were very straight forward for me, fortunately I did not have any issues setting it up, but I did attempt to have the smallest possible setup I could with the wiring, just to see if I could manage to reduce the size on the breadboard as much as I could. I ended up with pretty much a 2×2 grid being used  for each of the LEDs, with the two pins  LED being on different rails, the power in pin being on the positive side of the LED and the resistor being on the negative end of the LED going to ground. This modular system was pretty much repeated for each of the 5 LEDs, letting it take up only 25 pin slots including the grounding of the resistors. I feel like I was  pretty successful with my personal arbitrary challenge, and it was a fun one to think about.


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