Weekly Journal (Graham Widmann)

For this week, Will Knowlton and I did a lot of soldering. We created a battery interface and battery connector for easy connecting to the arduino and to a breadboard. We also set simple circuits, created a lamp, and figured out how to interface with an arduino and a breadboard.

For the first part we created the auxiliary power by connecting to a 9v power supply. We had to strip wires which took the longest and we had to solder some pieces together and add connector for easier application to circuits. On Will’s post, he shows detailed pictures on how the process occurred.  Next we made a button circuit with a lightbulb to light on when pressed. We connected it to an arduino and uploaded the program to the memory of the arduino. We later added 2 and then 3 LEDS to the circuit. The became more complicated but after consulting the almighty internet, we finally found a solution to the redirection of the power through only one LED at a time. We attempted to make the arduino power a 5 LED parallel circuit, but we were not able to finish this in class. I finished the circuit after the class. Will had made the code already and uploaded to the arduino. Overall, it was a great learning and teamwork experience. We learned how to solder, how to use circuits, multi meters, and how the circuits need to be attached in order to work properly.


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