Weekly Post 1 (Witt Teem)

2017-01-18 14.48.48.jpg

For last week’s lab, my partner, Bryce Wiseman, and I were instructed to create a basic circuit, using LEDs, Buttons, etc, and then create a way to power it.

First, we created a 9 volt power adapter by soldering a female input head to a battery pack input. next we soldered a Male 9 volt  input end to  2 pin connectors. This way, the circuit can rely on either a battery or a wall adapter.

Next we built several basic circuits. The first was simply an LED, than a LED that incorporated a push button, and then we just added more LEDs. The most interesting thing about this Lab, to me, was that it conveyed a property that is important to keep in mind when working with LEDs. When we placed three lights in a series, not all of them lit up. LEDs tend to draw too much power individually when placed in a series, so some of them will not have enough voltage to light up. However, when they were placed parallel, with individual resistors, they worked fine. Finally, we wired up a  potentiometer to the circuit and that went over fine.

The last large circuit we built (pictured above) incorporated 5 LEDs, a pushbutton, and an Arduino micro-controller. Bryce and I wired this circuit several times, first we had it unconventionally setup (positive to negative indications on the breadboard), then we completely reworked it. Either way we tried, we could not get the circuit to respond. It had power, but nothing would light up. Then we were reminded by Dr. Hammid that the circuit was relying on the Arduino’s digital inputs and that they had not yet been  told to light up. So, we wrote the code, and sure enough, they lit up.


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