Object Deconstruction -Aflac Duck – Tyler Tilton

Last semester, the CEO of Aflac came to speak at Berry for a CE credit. At the end they handed these ducks out to everyone, but they had a ton of extra so I ended up with like three of them. When you squeeze it, it yells AFLAC! a couple of times.0124171249_hdr

Here is the device that generates the sound, a self contained plastic box.


When you compress it like this, it starts screaming. (It’s pretty annoying actually.)
It has a door for the batteries.
The innards. As you can see the spring is what gives the device resistance so you can press it. The back of the speaker pushes down the gray button to activate the sound. I assume the sound bite is stored on the same chip the button is mounted to. You can also see the wires connecting the batteries and speaker and the magnet on the back of the speaker.
The front of the speaker with a copper coil on top. When current moves through that coil, it becomes an electromagnet which is repelled and attracted to the magnet on the back. This action flexes the plastic cone and generates the sound you hear.
A close up of the button.
With the button off, you can see that when it is depressed, the black rubber completes the circuit between the “spikes” on the circuit board.
All the individual parts.
A close up of the board. I believe the sound byte is stored on whatever the black bubble is. (I think its some sort of resin, but I can’t get it off to get a look.)
The batteries with the positive and negative leads.0124171258c



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