Object Deconstruction (Dexter Serrao)

I decided to deconstruct the Thunder Tumbler, a remote controlled toy car.

Underside of the car

On the underside of the car I noticed 4 screws, two keeping the battery pack in place, and another two connecting the front plate to the rest of the car.

Front plate of the car, with antenna cover attached.
One screw on the bottom of the front plate was holding the antenna cover in place. 
Top of the car without the front plate

I saw that there were two screws holding on a back piece however, they were not the only screws holding it on. In order to get to the other two screws that were holding it in place i had to remove the two back wheels.

The back wheels were held in place with a screw in the middle
Back of the car without the back wheels, revealing two additional screws

Removing the back piece revealed the motors.

Car without any covers

There were three screws on  each side holding in the respective motor cases.

Motors separated from the car
Bottom of the motor case
Top of the motor case

There were two screws on the top and three on the bottom holding the case together. Inside the case was a small system of gears that would rotate the wheels when the motor turns.

gears inside the motor cases

The last things to remove before being able to take out the circuit board were the contacts with the battery pack.

7 (2).jpg
two screws held in the contacts
Top of the circuit board
bottom of the circuit board

In order to remove the circuit board from the car, the antenna had to be removed from the circuit board. Attached to the circuit board are two red LED’s as well as two motors. The LED’s turn on when the car is turned on and the motors(in addition to the gears) are used to control the rotation of the wheels. There was an antenna connected which received information from the remote control. On the top of the circuit board there was a switch, a capacitor, and multiple transistors.


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