Weekly Journal (Alexandra E. Morton)

This last week we went over several thing in class.
Top of the list for me was soldering components together. It reminded me both of soldering stained glass and of TIG welding — fun, slightly nerve-racking, frustrating, and, overall, satisfying when when the task is accomplished. We got to practice soldering in lab and, after a few rough starts, put together a functioning power jack.

The power jack was then used in the Basics Electronics lab, where we practiced using a Multi-meter to measure resistance, voltage — and setting up a simple LED circuit to take measurements from.

Later we practiced reading and following schematics by setting up a 5 LED – 1 button circuit, which was also used to help us start to get familiarized the Arduino Uno and programming is by going over how to make the lights blink.

I also prototyped a few different circuit set-up options for 12 LED s for my Light-Sculpture project.

One of which was 4 parallel 3-LED series powered by a 12V wall plug:

Another of which (the one I ended up using since it fit the design better) was 3 parallel 4-LED series powered by 2 9V batteries (or about 18V total:


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