Object Deconstruction (Janosch Spohner) – RC Toy Car


This is the Toy car that I picked up from goodwill to take apart. It came with batteries but it did not turn on when I put the switch into the on position. I think it is actually an RC car because it had a label saying “27 MHz” which I’m pretty sure is for a radio frequency.


I started by taking all the screw out of the bottom of the casing. I was then able to pull out the front axle which did not have any wiring or motors attached to it so I’m not sure how it steers if it is an RC car. I was then able to pull out the Battery compartment which was covered in Battery acid which explains why it did not turn on.


Motor and Circuit.JPG

Next I pulled off the cover which then revealed the circuit board, the switch and the two electric motors. I can tell that there are two separate motors because there are two wires going to each end of the motor assembly. This means that the wheels have independent drive trains and maybe that’s how it steers.



Taking a closer look at the circuit board, I can see what looks like a bunch of transistors and a resistor. There are also various other components attached to the board that I have not seen before. I am guessing these have to do with receiving radio signals.


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