Object Deconstruction (Alexandra E. Morton)

For this assignment I looked inside an old Duracell AC Phone Charger.

I took the two screws on the side with the prongs out, but was unable to pry open the charger at the seem.

Later, I was able to crack it open with the use of a Flathead and a hammer.


As far as I can tell, this charger contains:



  • Wires L and N, which each connect to one of the prongs that plug into the wall.
  • D1-4: 1N4007 diodes
  • C2: a 400v 4.7uF Electrolytic Capacitor 105 °C
  • C1: a 2A103J 100V 0.01uF(10nF) Polyester Film Capacitor
  • D5: a FR107 diode
  • Q2: a S8050 D331 transistor
  • C3: a 223 Ceramic capacitor
  • Q2:a  S8050 D331 transistor
  • Q1: a MJE13003 transistor
  • C5:a 104 Ceramic capacitor
  • U1: seems to be a B1308 JC817 KENTO phototransitor/photocoupler/optocoupler
  • C4: a 400v 470uF Electrolytic Capacitor 105 °C
  • LED1: a green LED (to show that power is flowing through the charger when plugged in).
  • V+ and V- are power and ground for the charging cord, respectively.

The also seems to be:

  • R1-R12: 12 different resistors
  • D6 and D8: what looks like orange/black/clear (Zener?) diodes with an AZ on it, but I can’t read the top line, so can’t say for certain.
  • T1: wich says D8 X7210CV, but which didn’t bring up any search results when I went looking for it.
  • CY1: a blue thermistor with 222 at the top, but I can’t read the bottom line, so can’t say for certain.
  • and finally ?: which I belive is another diode, and begins with 1N58…

All and all, there seems to be a lot current and voltage regulation to make sure the phone isn’t fried from being connected to an outlet.


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