Weekly Journal 2 (Bryce Wiseman) – Digital I/O

This week in class, my partner Witt and I worked with digital inputs and outputs.  Our first exercise was to create a function that would allow us to have the lights blinking at a steady pace, but when we pushed the button then the lights would blink at a much faster pace. This one wasn’t that hard, and we got through this exercise quickly and then helped those around us.  In explaining to the others, it really reinforced the concepts and helped me better understand how and why it worked the way it did.


The next challenge was to make the LEDs blink in a line going one way when a button was pushed, and going in a line the other way when a different button was pushed.  We struggled with this one for a while, because we knew what we wanted it to do, and the concepts of how to get it to do that; however, we also tried to include a debouncer, which made it harder for us to figure out how to make it work and we also decided it wasn’t really necessary in this program. After resolving that, we got through the code fairly quickly and easily.


The last exercise was to make the LEDs start blinking at one speed, and with each press of a button, the lights would blink at a faster rate.  For this one, we didn’t have any major problems.  At one point we struggled with getting it to work consistently, but after playing a bit with our circuit and code it all ironed itself out.



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