Light Game (Emily Smith and Bikel Stodghill)

For our game we wanted to make a game similar to the strong man game at the fair, however we didn’t want to use pressure sensors, so instead we decided to make it whoever pressed a button 35 times first won. To make this less boring we got two vibration sensors. These would be used to randomly decrease the count of the opponent by half a point. This way players cannot know for sure their point or who will win.

Both in building and in programming we ran into problems. In building, the wires kept coming apart, and three of the LEDs, which we should have tested first, didn’t work. Finally when we had put it all together, in the “off” states one the LEDs were still on. After we fixed this, we attempted switching states,  and in our experimentation the LED came back on in the “off” state. Another problem we may have is the pressCountA does not keep track of the amount the buttons were pressed, or the parameters between the switched states are not set up right. This is the point at which we contacted Dr. Hamid who helped us by identifying a block of code that was duplicated. Unfortunately by this time we were not able to implement the vibration sensor.


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