Reaction challenge (Spencer Russell)


This is the  reaction challenge!  We used  six LEDs and two buttons that are color coordinated and we change the values of time in between each LED two calls for a harder reaction to predict.  If I was to redo this I would want to create a large board and  make it a 6 x 6 square  with six squares wide and six squares tall and win each square lit up you have to push and have each one randomly generated so that you never know which one is really coming.  We also need to compress the code down and possibly make a few more function so that it is a cleaner look and more understandable and the code.  I  have use a product similar to the one that I have described above and this is a good platform to get to the reaction board projects that I’ve used before.  This also allowed me to learn how to structure code in a way that was more usable to other people when they were reading over it.


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