Reaction Challenge -(Witt Teem)

For our project, Bryce Wiseman and myself attempted to replicate Zane Cochran’s 1D Pong interactive game.We did eventually get it to function, but there were several humps to get over before we were able to do so.



First we experienced several hardware issues. We seemed to have everything correctly set up, the right resistance and seamless flow in our circuit. Yet every time we would plug in the Arduino, it would not power on, an our LEDs would act strange if the 5v power line was disconnected. It took us longer than it should have, but we eventually figured out that we were running the positive through two places on the same positive of one button. So we were short circuiting it. We had forgotten the basics of button installation. Once we had fixed that issue, all the hardware was fully functional!

The software was were we seemed to struggle the most on this project. We had a solid base for a sketch and had figured out the general pattern that needed to be followed, but we were having a lot of trouble figuring out the correct commands to give and paths to take. That is when Dr. Hamid reminded me of the importance of actually drawing out the states you are going to create to have a visual representation of what you are trying to accomplish. 2017-02-06-12-17-23 Once we did that things fell into place. We were able to write the software necessary to make our game function . Something that Bryce pointed out was that my earlier attempt at writing the code was correct conceptually, but some brackets were not placed correctly so it would not function. This whole exercise taught me how vital the fundamentals are when you are trying to make something work, and how often we kind of just throw them off as stuff that we already know and shouldn’t ever think about them again. Its surprising how the simple concepts can solve the most complex of problems.


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