Sensor Walk – Tyler Tilton

I came across a few sensors while walking around campus today.

This first one is a smoke detector. An isotope of slightly radioactive Americium maintains a current between two plates in a chamber on the device. When smoke enters the chamber, it disrupts the current or stops it completely, causing the alarm to go off.
These RFID sensors are all around campus for access control it works by reading unique radio signals from cards that come close to it, sends the data to a database that determines who’s card should have access when, then opens the door.
This door sensor is seen on many doors all over campus. It detects motion by detecting infrared energy given off by humans and animals in the form of heat. When the amount of energy increases above the threshold, the door opens.
This is an IR sensor on a television. It detects different patterns of IR blasts from a remote, and then tells the TV to take unique action depending on that pattern.
This is a non electronic sensor on a sprinkler head. If it gets hot enough the red glass bulb will break and water will spray the room.
This is a light sensor on my car. Once the light level gets low enough, it turns on my headlights and dashboard lights automatically.
Last but not least, my cell phone. Smartphones are jam-packed with all types on senors. GPS, temperature, proximity, light, etc. and they all contribute to the phones functionality.

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