Janosch Spohner (Sensor Walk)

This weekend I was at home to take care of my dog so I got the chance to observe sensors in a different Environment than Berry.

The most used senors for me personally are the push buttons on the keyboard and the touch sensors in the screen and mouse pad of my laptop.Laptop.JPG

In my Car I have various switches that allow me to select how I want the AC to function. I know that my car also has tons of other sensors like exhaust sensors, temperature sensors, airflow sensors, pressure sensors, position sensors and many more.JeepDash.JPG

Outside of my house are two lights that have a motion detector between them. When the light switch in the garage is in the on position and the sensor measures movement on the driveway or side of the house, the lights turn on.


Stepping into the garage I noticed the sensor that detects if something is in the way the garage door. We had to put a old roll of toiled paper around it because during the summer the sun will shine right onto the sensor which messes with the signal and doesn’t let us close the garage door.


Inside the kitchen there are some very basic kitchen appliances like a fridge, an oven and a microwave. Our fridge has buttons that need to be pushed in while the oven and microwave just have buttons that need to be touched, they don’t actually move in when you press them.


I also found this weird timer that controlled what time the light would be on and what time the light would be off. Not really sure if this qualifies as a sensor but I’ll go ahead and add it anyways.


Then there is the TV, the remote and my Old Xbox 360. The remote uses various push buttons to send RFID signals to the TV which responds accordingly to each signal. The Xbox 360 uses the same principle with the controller as the TV and the remote and also features some touch buttons on the console that can turn it on and off and eject the game.


I also found the hidden switch inside my fridge that turns the light on when the door is opened and turns it off when the door is closed. It is just a simple spring activated switch that is closed when the door is closed and pops open when the door is opened.



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