Sensor Walk – (Graham Widmann)

For my sensor walk, I took the walk from Ford to Kranternert. When I started in Ford, I realized the key sensor I use every day to get into the dorms was a sensor  and the temperature sensors to regulate the temps in the rooms. There is also smoke sensors in each of the dorms that detects for fire in the dorms.

On the walk down, I realized that the lights in some of the cars and the street lights have sensors for the brightness outside. There is also sensors in the cars that regulate fuel and oil limits as well as many other sensors that go into cars.

Until I got to Kranternert, I didn’t see many other sensors. Once I was inside Kranternert, I saw the scanners in Vahalla fro the food items and the scanners for the ID cards so we can pay. The Bathrooms upstairs also have sensors for motion that detect if people enter to save power. The sensors for the ID cards are also downstairs for the dinning hall. Cameras in Krannert are everywhere, so they can monitor if anyone takes or misplaces things. They also have the sensors for the smoke and temperature to maintain safety.


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