Sensor Walk – Weekly Journal – (Witt Teem)

For my sensor walk, I did some exploring last night  and some this morning. As I walked around campus, I was able to identify a few inputs here and there, with a majority of them being mechanical or electronic in nature. Also, I  had the definition of a sensor in my mind as an input that, when acted upon by other sources, generates a specific response.

My journey began as most do, from my place of residence. Even within the plain tan walls of my dorm room, I encountered a few different inputs.

My Thermostat (Either Arctic Cold  or Fire & Brimstone, there is no in-between)

and my light switch.


As soon as I left my room more sensors and their systems began to emerge. Up on the ceiling sat a smoke detector and on the wall close by sat the switch to activate the alarm manually. As I made my way down the stairs I found the main control unit for the system as well.

As I stepped out of my dorm I found another sensor in the form of the ID scanner for he door.


(This is the one from Hackberry because I accidentally deleted the picture of the one from  my dorm)

As I made my way on to campus, I entered the back of Krannert and noticed the mechanical push-button sensor that activated the automated handicapped door via swing-arm system.

Later that night,  my walk led me to HackBerry labs which has a new security system. Part of that system is is motion activated locks with movement sensors above the doors.

That concluded my walk for the evening.

When I woke up in the morning and went about my daily routine, I encountered a couple more new sensors. One being the motion sensor on the bathroom paper towel dispenser.

2017-02-13 11.01.33.jpg

and the other being the trees around me, as they respond to different stimuli in their environment, making them biological sensors. Trees have feelings too.  2017-02-13-11-00-09

However, by this definition, just about anything biological would be considered a sensor, including this guy. the-38-most-majestic-pugs-of-2014-2-18319-1419309547-9_dblbig

(obligatory pug picture, because I wish I found a pug on my walk.)


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