Weekly Journal- Sensor Walk (Patrick Groh)

I decided to take a look at all of the sensors around my dorm and was simply astounded. When I was trying to piece out every sensor that I saw I realized just how many sensors we have, all trying to interpret data from the outside world and making sense of it. From light switches, which might not be classified as sensors but act in a similar way that buttons do, to complicated card readers and RFID sensors that are everywhere on campus, there is a lot of sensors on the Berry campus. Just in my dorm there is a comical amount of buttons, being either on keyboards, microwaves, built in to computers themselves, lights, coffee makers, even on a fish tank. There is one temperature sensor for the room, several temperature sensors in the computers themselves, and probably some for the fridges. Both of our phones have a large amount of sensors for their size, with Infrared, cameras, tilt sensors, fingerprint readers, touch sensors, even down to heartbeat sensors. There is motion sensors in the mice for our computers, time sensors in microwaves and alarm clocks, microphones in computers and phones, and a smoke detector to wrap up some more of the less-used sensors. Just in a dorm room there is an immense amount of sensors, something that I could probably try to count and miss the number by at least an order of magnitude.


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