Weekly Journal(Dexter Serrao)

My sensor walk took place from my dorm to krannert. In Deerfield we have automatic lights in the hallway so there are motion sensors at both ends that turn the lights on when someone enters the hallway. There are sensors by most doors for scanning your student ID. Upon leaving the dorm there are various lights around campus that appear to turn on once it gets dark so I can only assume that they have some sort of light sensor that would allow them to make that distinction.

Once I arrived in krannert I noticed some sensors at the bookstore which would most likely be detecting items leaving the store that have not yet been paid for. There were more ID scanners as well as cameras and more motion detecting lights used in most bathrooms. There are smoke detectors almost everywhere indoors as well.

While walking back I had noticed that in the round about that is at the entrance of berry lights will flash as pedestrians are crossing the road, so there are sensors in place that can detect the presence of someone walking.


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