Weekly Journal – Sensor Walk (Nina Kowalke)

I took a walk around campus to look for sensors that I might not normally notice, and while these may not be the most advanced sensors, they are what I found.  The first sensor I noticed was the alarm system in the library which I do not know much about, but it appears to simply state whether or not the alarm system is on, “armed”.  The second sensor that I noticed was the library doors which are automatic and have a sensor that looks for motion and opens the door once motion is detected.  Another feature I learned about this sensor after our class discussion was that it actually counts the number of people who come in and out of the library so that this data is available for any needs the school has.  The last sensor I found on my sensor walk was the light post.  This sensor detects light so that once it gets dark outside the light turns on.  All three of these sensors are pictured below in the order in which I found them on my walk.



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