Weekly Journal – Multiplexers & Shift Registers (Hunter Young)

Last week’s labs involved components called multiplexers and shift registers. We learned about their properties and abilities, such as that multiplexers can help to decrease the amount of inputs that are use on the arduino board in a circuit, or that shift registers can be connected in series to allow for instantaneous input to different components of the circuit. Our multiplexer activity involved us using a multiplexer to interact with a 7-segment LED and have all lights active at (seemingly) the same time. The coding had no issues, as the code was presented during class. Wiring the circuit however was only a little confusing due to the amount of wires and connections necessary. Simply analyzing the detail of the schematic solved this problem. Secondly, we worked with a shift register to learn how it works. We had to connect 8 LEDs to one shift register and program it to light them up in quick sequence. Again, no issues arose during coding, as it was discussed in class.20170213_144652


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