Weekly Journal (Multiplexers/Shift Registers) Patrick Davis

Multiplexers and shift registers are integrated circuits that allow for more outputs to be available for use while also not using up as many pins. Multiplexers allow for both analog and digital inputs and outputs but they can only take in one input/output at a time. They are able to switch between the inputs and outputs very quickly. Shift registers will only take up three pins and can send/receive multiple bits of data at the same time. They have a slower response time and can only read digital inputs.

The multiplexer lab went alright during the construction part of the lab; however, I was using a different 7-segment LED display and so ended up spending most of the lab time trying to figure out what pins lit up which segment, and I never got it to work quite right.

The shift register lab went much better then the multiplexer lab and I was bale to get it working just fine. My coding matched up with what we had gone over in class. The final result was to get the LEDs to light up one after the other with a pause in between each LED.img_00501


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