Simon Says game (Spencer Russell)

I was going to do this project by my self and then at the hack-o-thron I saw dexter and told him the idea and then we said lets work together on it. This game started because of some products I have seen in the past. My idea came from a game I saw a NASCAR driver play to increase his reaction time. This had me thinking, what if I could use Google glasses to select the buttons instead of your hands so that you can increase reaction time in your eyes which I think could be helpful for air force training and any sport that you need to be able to use your eyes and notice small details. This was my hello world to the idea which i hope I am able to make in the future.

Things I learned was that you must ground your buttons other wise you will have weird and random selections and the button will work sometimes. This to the must time in this project because we keep trying to figure out what was wrong in our code but could never.

We used an array of binary numbers to represent the different LED’s being lit up and used a random number generator to determine which one is selected at any given time. We didn’t come up with a formal state machine due to our time limitations at the Hack-A-Thon. We had used just 3 states, one for the game starting, one for the game itself, and then one for the losing state. The state that is used to control the game could probably be broken down into it’s own state machine but since our code ran just fine I didn’t see any real need to do that. After we got our code fleshed out we began soldering wires to the buttons and LED’s so we could attach them to our enclosure.

We added a back panel of scrap wood that we found in the lab to help hold all the wires in and to allow it rest better on a surface. Below is a picture and video of the final product.


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