Simon Says game (Bryce Wiseman)



For Witt and I’s memory game, we tried to recreate the Simon Says game. The point of the game is to watch the pattern shown, then repeat it. You lose if you take longer than 5 secs (for each button push) or if you get the pattern wrong.  You win if you are able to make it through a set number of rounds (pretty sure ours was set at 10).

Inputs and Outputs

The game operates using 4 buttons as the inputs and 4 different colored LEDs as well as a small speaker to create buzzing noises for the outputs.


We were lucky enough to stumble upon an example of a simon says game using an arduino, which we used to help us figure out the layout and code for our project. This was extremely helpful because although we didn’t copy it exactly, it proved to be a useful guideline.  The enclosure is built out of a mix of wood and acrylic with holes cut for the buttons and power cord. (And 3 little holes drilled in the top so you can hear the speaker.) The buttons are actually from an old Simon Says game that Witt had.


We would like to add a 7-digit display in the middle to count the rounds. Maybe adding a different power source so you could plug it in the wall or run it off batteries. Other than that, just working on enhancing the look of the enclosure.




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