Looking Outwards – Components and Sensors(Dexter Serrao)

The first component I looked at was a liquid sensor.


this sensor uses infrared lights to detect whether or not a liquid is present. I can’t think of any use I would have for this but I do think that it is a very interesting sensor and could have tons of potential uses from warnings of flooding to simple ways to check levels of water in places that aren’t visible.


The next two sensors I looked at are fairly similar. One is a meditation sensor and the other is a muscle sensor.



I really liked the idea of sensors that are worn on the body that could detect things like heart rate and muscle movement. I think it would be very cool to make some sort of wearable that reacts to your heart rate or muscles instead of some other type of user interface. Alternatively I would like to make some sort of light fixture that could be controlled remotely by body motions or would react to changes in heart rate.



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