Looking Outwards (Bikel Stodghill)

I want to create a portable boom box with some type of music visualizer that will liven up any social gathering.



I have some experience with Neopixels, but I did not know that Adafruit had a multi-colored LED strip that included white. It is amazing how much this simple addition of a color (and yellow phosphorus) can dramatically change the strip. A wider array of colors can be achieved with this addition. I chose the 144 LED/m strip because I have a small face I want to cover and I want it to be as bright and flashy as possible.



Sound Detector Module:


I need a module that will detect the audio signals coming from my speakers, so I thought this sound detector module might do the trick. Unfortunately, I believe there are better alternatives than this one. I want to find a way to directly take the frequency numbers from speakers and give it to the Arduino. The module detects sound through the soldered on microphone which may affect where I place the module and be susceptible to outside noise. However, this does not mean that this module cannot be incorporated into my design. I could use this to create a sound lock for my boom box or have a “singing or clap” mode for the Neopixels.



Adafruit I2S MEMS Microphone Breakout:


This module might be the one I want for the music visualizer. I want to take the frequencies directly from the speakers to the Arduino. I might have it “talking” to over components to accomplish this goal. Not only is the module uber tiny and works similarly to the above module, but also it is completely digital.



Instead of having the visualizer take inputs from audio, I will have inputs come from the speaker vibrations.


I could have both audio and vibration sensors work together to create some interesting visuals. I would have the vibration sensor be the main visual frequency  while the audio would be a secondary visual frequency. I believe the vibration will be more reliable because it will have less unwanted “noise” coming it.




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