Looking Outwards – Components and Sensors – Tyler Tilton

Gas Sensor:


This gas sensor, I think, can be really useful for a variety of things. If I were to do a few projects with them, I would think about creating cheap CO detectors and getting them into people’s homes because CO is really dangerous and not many people have CO detectors in their homes.

Another interesting project would be to build a few gas detectors and place them in various locations around a city or populated area and it could give insight about pollution, or what types of gasses are hanging around.

Another possibility is to put some in chemical factories to warn you if something bad is in the air.

Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint Scanner - TTL (GT-511C3)

Fingerprint scanners are used mainly for security and access control. It would be cool to use this on your dorm door and use a servo or something to open the door when it reads the correct fingerprint.

It would also be cool to use it to try and find different techniques to trick these sensors. Like you could try and figure out ways to make it open without the correct fingerprint.

Soil Moisture Sensor

SparkFun Soil Moisture Sensor

I’ve seen a lot recently in cities where people are planting grasses and moss and other plants on the roofs of buildings in order to better the environment and make their building a little more earth-friendly. It would be cool to see these used to monitor those gardens so that the buildings owners would know what needs to be done to keep it up.

Another use you could get out of this senor would be to possibly monitor moisture in certain animal enclosures. Like of reptiles need some sort of humidity balance at a zoo, you could put one of these in to monitor it.


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