Weekly Journal-PMW and Motors (Hunter Young)

This week, we worked with the use of PMW, or Pulse Width Modulation. With this use of analog inputs and digital outputs, we made a circuit to have an RGB LED flicker light a candle. This circuit was programmed to use a potentiometer to change the brightness of the LED.


During the Wednesday lab, we learned to use motors. We began with the circuit being wired to use a 9V battery. We ran into a little trouble here as our battery clip was made wth a short (which whoever made it didn’t notice). I noticed the battery was heating up so I took it out and asked Dr. Hamid to check it. He cleared to solder that was causing the short and it worked fine. Then we connected a regular electric motor to the breadboard. we wired and programmed the circuit to allow us to control the motor via a potentiometer. This allowed us the increase and decrease the power travelling to the motor to speed it up or slow it down. Afterwards, we simply hooked up a servo motor and had it run so that we could just see how they operated as we were out of time.


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