Interaction Reading Reflection(spencer russell)

  • How would you define physical interaction?
    • I would define physical interaction as inputs and/or output to or from a device. Anything that allows for communication to or from a device.
  • What makes for good physical interaction?
    • A good physical interaction would allow for more than one input and then a response to the interaction for the device or the user.
  • What are some unusual examples of computing/technology that you would say are, or are not, interactive?
    • I would say when a phone crashes or when a computer crashes is not interactive put of technology. But, I do think if you turn the computer off that is a interactive part.
  • Do you agree with Crawford’s analysis of why interactivity is not easy to achieve? Why or why not? Can you find other sources (e.g. on the Internet) that support or oppose his analysis?
    • I agree with most of what he is saying, but i think that he is a little over the top. I think it is a little easier than he is making to sound to be. This interactivity is a hard thing to achieve but not to the point that he is saying.
    • “Multiple views on interactivity exist. In the “contingency view” of interactivity, there are three levels:
      1. Not interactive, when a message is not related to previous messages;
      2. Reactive, when a message is related only to one immediately previous message; and
      3. Interactive, when a message is related to a number of previous messages and to the relationship between them.

      One body of research has made a strong distinction between interaction and interactivity. As the suffix ‘ity’ is used to form nouns that denote a quality or condition, this body of research has defined interactivity as the ‘quality or condition of interaction’. “

    • This is from wiki but I feel as if that is can be taken both ways it can be hard and it can be not as hard. It all depends on how interactive the thing is and what is so interactive.

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