PWM & Motors (Ryan Sepe)

Last week, our lab explored PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) and Servos over two different lab periods.  Simply put, pulse width modulation is a way for the Arduino to simulate Analog output, instead of digital which is just on or off,We displayed this property by making a LED flicker and regulate the brightness in intervals with  a potentiometer.  The next lab we worked with Motors & Servos. We learned how to wire them up to potentiometers and used them to regulate the amount of voltage running through them. We also learned about the two different types of servos, those that are able to travel in a complete rotation and others that can only travel in half rotations. The motors that go only 180 degrees are slower but more powerful then the motors that can go a full 360 degrees. The full rotation motors can spin really fast however they are not as powerful. With the half rotation motors you can give a specific degree for the motor to turn too however, the 360 degree motor cannot go to a specific degree incrementation and will continue to spin slowing down when it thinks its getting close to the specified degree.


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