Meat/Jello Cuber: Emily Smith, Hunter Young, and Bikel Stodghill

Our project is a cutting device that was built using wood, 2 continuous servos, a 3D printed gear and rail system, and a french fry cutter. The device is controlled by a joystick, which allows the user to move the blade left and right as well as up and down to cut the food. The Cuber was inspired by the observation of the amount of time and effort required to cut things into smaller pieces for children or just for yourself. Now instead of having to make all the cuts yourself, the Cuber can do them all with a few inputs on the joystick.

The inputs of the device are simply the manipulation of the joystick. This input, in return, makes the servos move in the desired manners. The code was relatively easy but expansive. One problem we ran into, however, was the use of the servos. We attempted to write the code as if we were using positional rotation servos. The solution was solution was to determine the midpoint at which the servo would rest. in this case,it was a value of 88 degrees. So whenever we wanted the servo to move, we told it a point and if it had reached that point it would signal to switch states so that it would rest. We had 5 different states and based on the input from the joystick they would switch. If all 4 sides of the joystick registered high, the machine would revert back to the rest stage. The construction of the device was fairly simple. We used thin wood and hot glue to construct the main frame, then used a belt and spools for the movement system as well as the 3D printed mechanism for vertical motion.


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