Final Project Proposal (Will Knowlton)

For my final project I will be working with Graham Widmann. Our proposal for the final project is to create a special alarm clock. The idea behind the alarm clock is to make something interactive for the user, that wouldn’t disturb anybody in the same room. The idea came from my noisy roommate’s alarm clocks, which will wake me up, but will not arose him from his peaceful slumber. Instead of suffering from his acute and sharp alarms, I would like to design an alarm clock that will wake him up not by noise, but from some sort of vibration.

How I think it would work is by utilizing a vibration sensor that is connected via Bluetooth to an Arduino that I would fabricate into the base of the alarm clock. The user of the alarm clock would attach the vibration sensor (probably a bracelet) to either their wrist and ankle. The user can program their desired time into the Arduino, and the bracelet would potentially light up, and vibrate when the time has come. However, in order for the user to shut off the alarm, the user would have to provide some sort of movement (perhaps an accelerometer)  to tell the computer to stop sending the vibration sensor a signal to vibrate.

I envision the alarm clock unit as an Arduino, with a LCD screen attached LCD Shield, then the whole unit would be enclosed in sleek (possibly 3D printed enclosure), it could then either be powered through USB or a wall charger. I am not entirely sure how to approach this from a coding perspective, but it will need a state machine, and the Arduino will need to be able to communicate with the components on the bracelet. If we want this project to start happening, we better start ordering some parts!




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