Project Proposal (Emily Smith, Patrick Groh, Bikel Stodghill, Hunter Young)

Prior to this class, Bikel and I had attempted to keep fish at Hackberry Lab as part of another project we had. This proved to be difficult as neither she nor I were able to visit Hackberry every day leaving some days where the fish were not fed. This weakened the fish immune system, which helped in their contraction of fish rot, which resulted in a gory mess as the fish died and I finally euthanization. As you can imagine this was very impactful, and sense then we have wanted to make a fish feeder that would allow us to feed our fish from far away. For this class we have decided to attempt this while maintaining the interaction of pet and owner. To do this we hope to use a photoelectric sensor to determine the location of the fish. This however does come with a concern, because we don’t know how well this would work through water, or if it would work at all. Another possibility is a vibration sensor  that detects when there is movement near it. This location would then trigger to a computer that the fish may be hungry. Simultaneously a processing sketch would be running on the computer, and whenever the hungry signal was being given frowning fish would swim across the screen. It would then be up to the person to “feed the fish” by altering some sort of sensor such as photosensor or pressure sensor, signaling the feeding of the fish, and a change to smiling fish in the processing sketch. It would if we could also make it where you could only feed the fish once a day and the cycle restart at a certain time.


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