Simon Says

We based our game off of the popular memory game Simon Says. Our game has four button inputs and four different colored LEDs outputs powered by an Arduino. Like the game, our project was supposed to light up in a random sequence and have the player try to recreate it. The game would speed up after every correct sequence. When the player messes up the sequence, the game would shut off all the lights for a few seconds and then flash. We used foam-core to make the enclosure because it was the cheapest most readily available material. To make the wire work less confusing, we soldered black jumper wires to negative pin of the LEDs and different colored jumper wires to the positive pin. Our group had the most trouble with implementing the software. The game passed our diagnostics test but when we uploaded our code the game was stuck in the START mode. The debouncer was having issues, we had some bad soldering joints, and the buttons were not grounded.


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