Looking Outward(spencer russell)


This is a Motion Sensor and

“Circuit Playground is a really fun, really easy to use micro controller that is a great way to add sensors and interactivity to your project without a whole lot of fuss and soldering.

It’s got a built in motion sensor, a sound sensor, a light sensor, and a temperature sensor, as well as a built in speaker and 10 neopixels, ready to use right out of the box.  I’m just starting to explore the fun things this board can do.”


This is a LED display with allows us to few data in real time instead of storing it on a SD card and uploading data to computer.


This is a cool wifi based weather forecast. This connects to your WIFI and then pulls data from online and updates the LED screen with no data. This backing allows us to put on lots of surface and is small enough to be portable  .


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