Autosalt (Patrick Groh)

I made an automatic salter for my project, so if you ever felt like shaking salt on your food was too hard and too slow you would have a solution. It uses a servo which just tilts a door, allowing a fountain of salt to delicately embrace your food at a speed of your choice. It uses the sturdiest of Foam Core construction technology to allow for it’s slim, white aesthetic and it’s amazing structural strength that can handle many plates inside of it’s cabin. It works by the user placing a plate into the designated salting space, which will block light from hitting a photoresistor at the bottom of said salting space. The photoresistor quickly communicates this data to an arduino which then tells the servo to open the door to unleash salt heaven onto your food. The potentiometer carefully placed onto the top of the Autosalter allows you to control how much salt loving your food gets by mapping the value to the degree of the door that is holding the salt. The stunning blue glow that is radiated from the top of the cabin is created by nine individually soldered LEDs in parallel 20170322_145307

A picture of the photoresistor that determines if there is a  plate. 20170322_145255

The LEDs and the door that holds the salt until it is ready to be dispensed. 20170322_145250

A large scale picture of the work of art.


The potentiometer that controls the amount of “salt loving.”


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