PWM & Motors – Graham Widmann (Week 7)

This week we figured out how to use the PWM or pulse width modulation. By using PWM we are able to make an LED turn on and off very fast. So fast in fact that it will look constant. We can further control it if we would like to make it do something different. We also incorporated a potentiometer to the circuit to control the brightness of the LED while flickering. We programmed it to pulse like a candle flame. By attaching a button, we made it switch modes to blink faster or slower.


We next explored how we can use motors and servo with arduino. We tried to use a 9v battery pack that we had made earlier in the year but this caused many problems for a lot of groups. Thankfully we did not blow up any transistors as it seemed this was the main problem among the other groups.

We got it all to work and figured out how to control the speed with the potentiometer and we also figured out how to code it correctly. We also replaced the motor with a servo instead which only allows a certain degree of turns. This makes for more power and more precise angles.

For the next project, Will and I have decided to incorporate more of what we have learned into the next code. We think we may use servos or motors in the kitchen object project. pwm-2


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